One of Opera Bites' founding members, Murray Dahm has been providing Sydney with informative and entertaining opera lectures since 2003.  Join him as he explores a variety of areas of operatic history from composers and voice types through to genres and quirky bits of opera history.  

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July - August - September 2020


Operas of National Identity

The 19th century saw many nations emerge out of the empires they had been a

part of or merge from disparate elements into the nations we recognise today.

There was also a growth in national and political identity (many civil rights codes

and constitutions date from the 19th century).  In many instances these new

nations and ideas were formed along language lines and operas in those languages

played an important part in distilling and reinforcing the feelings of national identity

and destiny. 


Several of these operas remain popular (such as Verdi’s Nabucco with

its chorus of Hebrew Slaves), others (such as Auber’s La muette de Portici) have

fallen into obscurity.  Join us to explore this intriguing aspect of operas history –

many of your favourite operas had a part to play in forging the modern world.

The course will make extensive use of recordings and DVDs.


Thursdays 10.00am – 12.00pm

23 July - 24 September 2020 (Incl)



Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts 

280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000


$330 (10 Week Course)

Couple / Double Enrolment: $550 for 2 - Enrol with a friend  and save!

Casual Drop In $45 per class (Subject to space availability - please contact prior via the "Contact" page).   

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